New year new you? It’s a concept a lot of us take on once January arrives. Did you know that Julius Caesar started the tradition back in 46BC when he urged subjects to commit to personal improvements on 1st January? No, us neither until we researched it!
Whether you’re looking to start a new diet, travel more or simply adjust the way you approach life, here are our top tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions. Good luck!

1. Be realistic

be realistic

Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is only going to end in disappointment. Of course it’s great to aim high but they should always be grounded in reality. For example, if you’re new to reading, setting yourself a goal of reading one book per week isn’t very realistic. Whereas saying you’ll read 20 over the course of the year is something that’s achievable. Remember, any improvements ARE STILL improvements. You got this!

2. Start small

start small

Another reason people end up falling off the New Year’s Resolution wagon is because they try to do too many changes in one go. Instead of setting 5 new goals, why not start with 1 or 2. You can always add more once you start smashing them!

3. Keep it specific

keep it specific

People often fail at sticking to their resolutions because they’re just too vague. If your resolution is to “exercise more,” think about what that actually means. Is it easy to measure and track? Get specific with your goals. If you want to exercise more this year set yourself a goal of completing a 5km or 10km race. With an end goal in sight you’re much more likely to succeed!

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

dont be hard on yourself

In 2009, University College London (UCL) discovered that it takes an average of 66 days for the average person to form a new habit. So if by the end of January, you still feel like it isn’t coming as easy to you as you expected – that’s perfectly normal! And if you have little slip ups along the way then it’s no reason to give up completely. Just put it behind you and move on!

5. Find support in friends

support from friends

Research has found that partnering up or planning with someone can boost the likelihood of sticking to resolutions. No matter what your resolution; whether it’s losing weight, taking up a new hobby or ditching the alcohol, having a partner means you can spur each other on and motivate each other to succeed.