If you’ve a fresh way of thinking and want an affinity with where you live and who you live with, you’ll love it here. Affinity Living is friendly, fun and so much more than a building. It’s a place where you own exactly how you want to live. Pick from a dozen floorplans, decorate to suit your taste, tweak and personalise until it’s just right. And that’s not all. You’ll also be part of a wider Affinity Living community, with 4 buildings across Manchester.

Heart & Soul

Affinity Living’s about living with a brilliant mix of people from all walks of life: smart, independent and individual. We aren’t interested in your date of birth.

If you’re sociable, inclusive and like a bit of tech, you’ll fit right in. And it means you’ll have neighbours who are likely to become your friends.

Put down roots

We make it really simple to move-in with zero deposit, almost-instant agreements and flexible tenancies. Then there’s everything you need to settle in to your new home. 24/7 help with our on-site team, a cold store for food deliveries, parcel collection, laundry drop off.

We’ll even feed your pets when you go away. And because we know magnolia walls aren’t to everyone’s taste, you can decorate your home to reflect you.

It’s all your home

A home without affinity is just a building, so we’ve taken the whole of our ground floor space and designed it to help neighbours to get to know each other and become friends.

The ground floor lounge in Riverside’s got a bit of everything: cinema area, co-work tables, comfy sofas, quiet area, cool coffee cart. And there’s loads of stuff going on: workshops, brunches, art classes, gin tasting. But it’s your space, so shape it by suggesting things that you want to experience.

We’ve thrown convention out the window

We deliver amazing social spaces, but at Affinity Living we think a community needs a few connections for it to really flourish. People are at the centre of every community, so we’ve been a bit unconventional and opened up our ground floor facilities to the public.

We bring in local restaurants, artists and musicians to fashion the kind of open atmosphere that attracts more and more people who want to live at Affinity Living.

Pop into any Affinity Living across Manchester

Riverside is the first of 4 Affinity Living buildings in 2 locations in Manchester City centre. And what’s great is that no matter which building you live in, you can treat all of them like your own home. So, no matter whereabouts in town you are you’ll never be too far from working out in a gym, using a work station or chilling out in one of the many lounges.

Because everyone’s different, so are all of our buildings

4 buildings in 2 Manchester locations

Exchange Point

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Open Now


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Lawrence Place

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