City Living Decorating Tips with Little Greene

If you are renting a city centre apartment, it’s important to be able to add your own stamp to your living space, so that it becomes somewhere you can truly feel at home. Using paint will instantly transform your space into an inspiring setting that reflects your personality and style. That’s why Affinity Living encourage our residents to decorate their home – even while renting! Discover Little Greene’s expert tips on choosing paint colours to make your apartment your own.

Ceiling: Julie’s Dream, Walls: Masquerade

How do you want the space to feel?

Before choosing colours, you need to think about the atmosphere you want to create – how do you want to feel in your apartment? Order your free Little Greene colour card and browse the palette to see which shades you are drawn to. Do you prefer bold, lively colours that will create an energetic feel, or softer shades that will bring tranquillity and peace to your home?

Try not to be swayed by trends you see online, but spend time considering which colours you personally love, as this will help you create a space that you feel comfortable living in. You can then order sample pots in your chosen shades to test in your apartment and confirm your colour choices.

Remix: Livid

Obscura & Juniper Ash

Remix: Sunlight

4 ideas for decorating your urban living space

Your apartment is more than just four walls, it’s an extension of who you are. It’s a canvas where you can express yourself, tell your story, and create an environment that reflects your style and enhances your lifestyle. Whether you love the minimalist look with clean lines and neutral tones, or you’re drawn to vibrant colours and eclectic decor, the key is to create a space that feels uniquely yours.

Zoning with colour.

If your living space is open plan, zoning with colour is a great way to define different areas. You might create a motivating workspace by using a light colour in a sunny area. You can then use a richer, deeper hue to create a cosy snug for the evenings.

The Little Greene Colour Scales provide families of related colours that are easy to use in combination as you zone your living space. For example, the comforting neutral, Travertine, is perfect for your snug or lounge, and will effortlessly complement Stock in your work-from-home space.

Upper Wall: Stock, Panelling: Travertine

Upper Wall: Book Room Green, Lower Wall: Sage Green, Right Wall: Green Stone – Pale, Door, Dado & Skirting: Sage Green

Darker woodwork. Lighter walls.

Although modern apartments often lack the architectural details that add character, you can easily emulate these elements using colour. Paint the lower section of the wall in a darker, complementary colour from the Colour Scales.

Here, Sage Green adds interesting contrast alongside walls in Book Room Green. This method is a great way to introduce a colour you love without having to use it on every wall.

Use the ceiling as the fifth wall.

You will often see the ceiling painted in brilliant white, but this shade is actually very hard to live with in the home. For a softer finish, choose a coordinating neutral for your ceiling, or a related shade from the Colour Scales. You can visit the Little Greene website to find complementary colours and neutrals for every shade in their palette.

A statement ceiling is a great way to bring instant impact and personality to your scheme. Choose a bold colour that complements your walls to draw the eye upwards and create real wow-factor.

Wallpaper: Bird and Bluebell – Pea Green. Ceiling: Dorchester Pink, Window Frame: Green Stone – Light, Skirting: Puck

Ceiling, Wall, Skirting: Nether Red

Colour drench your space.

This style of decorating is fantastic for smaller apartments, as it can create the illusion of space. Paint your walls, woodwork and even the ceiling in just one colour to create a cocooning, wraparound scheme.

Colour drenching is the perfect way to embrace a colour that you love, or for decorating in a more minimalist style, as it creates no contrasts to draw the eye.

Remember, different colours create different moods.


Greens reflect the outdoors, creating a feeling of tranquillity, peace, and wellbeing. This means that greens can work wonderfully in urban environments where you might spend less time in nature.

The Little Greene palette includes timeless muted greens like Sage Green and Windmill Lane, as well as rich, cocooning greens like Olive Colour, and contemporary, moody green hues such as Livid.   


One of the most popular colour choices, blue paint colours often remind us of the sea and sky, helping us feel calm and reassured. Blues are perfect for bringing clarity and focus to your scheme, ideal for a work-from-home space.

Discover your favourite blue from Little Greene, including soft blues like Bone China Blue and James, as well as strong and sophisticated blues such as Juniper Ash and Hicks’ Blue.  


Yellow paint colours boost your mood and self-esteem, bringing real confidence and energy to your living environment. They are very versatile shades, ranging from rich honey tones to bright sunshine yellows that bring summer joy all year round.

Explore Little Greene’s palette of yellows, from the vibrant shades, Giallo and Yellow-Pink, to Madeleine and Bombolone from their ‘Sweet Treats’ collection.

Reds & Pinks

Red and pink paint colours are traditionally expensive to produce, meaning they can add a real sense of luxury to any space.

Soft, dusky and alluring pinks such as Blush and Nether Red offer a touch of romance. While bold reds like Bronze Red and Baked Cherry will bring impact and character to your scheme.

Order a Little Greene colour card on their website or visit the Wilmslow Showroom to start planning your project.