The Best Pets For Apartment Living

It’s pretty widely accepted now that you don’t need acres of garden space to comfortably house a pet. As long as the little critters are loved, fed, given lots of attention and exercised when they need it – they couldn’t be happier!

However, there are certain low-maintenance pets that are most suited to apartment life. Here are our picks for bringing a companion into your pet-friendly apartment.


Many cat breeds can live perfectly happily within apartments without ever going outdoors. Cats are generally independent creatures and only need some mental and physical stimulation via toys and playtime. Plus, they sleep for around 16 hours a day. That’s the life, ay? So as long as you give them a good amount of attention each day, cats can live indoors without ever having the desire to venture outside.

One of the best cat breeds for apartment living is the Ragdoll. Relaxed and easy-going, they’re one of the most docile and carefree cat breeds you can get. Whilst most cats can fend for themselves out in the wild, it’s actually safer to keep Ragdolls inside. They’re so chilled out that the majority of them don’t hunt and some don’t seem to understand how to defend themselves. Even going so far as being a bit clumsy sometimes! Bless ‘em. So a warm, cosy apartment with treats on demand is the purrfect place for a Ragdoll cat!


Yes man’s best friend has made the list! There are certain dog breeds that can thrive in an apartment setting. When it comes to dogs and apartment living – size matters. Giant paws and big frames might not be the best idea in a studio apartment. However, the personality of a dog breed matters just as much. Taking into consideration the dog’s energy level, noisiness, and even socialness, some dogs you might consider bringing into your apartment include:


Adorably cute and their short legs means they can be exercised indoors if the space allows it.

Italian Greyhound

Despite the stereotype, greyhounds don’t need massive amounts of exercise and love to curl up on the sofa!

French Bulldog

Small in stature with low activity levels, these dogs just love some company and rarely bark unless provoked.


Playful and loyal these dogs are quiet and don’t need loads of exercise. They’re perfect city-centre apartment pals.

Shih Tzu

A pretty chilled-out dog breed, a Shih Tzu dog is happy living almost anywhere and isn’t very demanding.

Yorkshire Terrier

Affectionate and relatively low-maintenance, the only thing to keep in mind with a Yorkie is that they can be a bit yappy!


One of the tiniest dogs around, Chihuahuas make great apartment dogs. You could even misplace this pooch if you have a large 3-bed!