The Rise of Middle Aged Renters

Privately renting amongst people in their forties is increasing in popularity. Why? More freedom, less stress, better space. We look at some of the ways in which this could make your life easier!

Thought renting was just something younger folk did? You’d be wrong. In fact, figures published by the BBC in 2018 showed that the number of people aged 40+ privately renting is soaring. Fortysomethings are now twice as likely to be renting as they were just a decade ago.

This may surprise you. But really, if you think about it, there are lots of reasons why this demographic may want to rent their homes. Starting a new relationship? Downsizing after the kids have (finally) flown the nest? Career change/relocation?

Those that had once envisaged owning a house in their forties may now be renting. And there are lots of reasons why renting, even in middle age and beyond, is the preferred lifestyle choice!

It’s Flexible

Owning a house means you’re tied down.

Got a new job and need to move? Great. But how quickly will you be able to sell your house to allow you to take the offer?

With renting, being free to move around is that much easier. You’re only ever committed to the length of your tenancy agreement. It means you can say “yes” to that job much more freely, without having to worry about selling a house or sorting out a mortgage.

Less Maintenance

Sure, there’s lots about owning a house that can be great – but there’s also a lot that isn’t! More specifically, we’re talking about those jobs that you need to do but really, really don’t want to be doing in your down time.

Leaky roof? Boiler playing up? Not your problem.

Renting basically waves a magic wand that makes these stressful parts of a home a helluva lot easier and – crucially – much cheaper. If something does go wrong, it’s not your responsibility to make the repairs and usually just a quick call is all you need for help to be on its way.

Amenities Under One Roof

How many homeowners can say they’ve got a state-of-the-art cinema room or co-working space in their house?

Aside from celebrities and Premier League footballers, your average homeowner can’t come close. Well, some might have a rowing machine gathering dust in their spare bedroom, but that’s usually about it.

The point is, when you rent an apartment within a modern purpose-built rental building (like Affinity Living Riverside), you’ve got access to a range of key amenities all under one roof. Your roof.

You Can Meet New People

More specifically, if you live within a community of like-minded people (again, like we have at here), then you’re much more likely to meet new people.

So many people spend years living in one house without ever knowing their next-door neighbour. But when you rent in a modern rental building like ours, amongst people with similar interests, that’s not the case.

With regular events and shared facilities, you’re more likely to interact with your neighbours and make new friends and relationships than if you lived on that quiet residential street without a real sense of community.